Custom Templates

The Workshop supports custom templates for your presentations, listing pages and even search pages. Every detail can be tailored to your specs. Your templates show up in Workshop (thumbnails and all) alongside the defaults, allowing you to choose which template to publish into.

Presentation Templates
Pick your media elements. Size, position and style them as needed for a particular project or to mesh with your site. Total flexibility around layout, colors, typography, buttons, and adding additional widgets.

Listing Templates
Choose what elements show up in your list view and how your categories and presentations are sorted. Full styling flexibility, of course.

Search Templates
Yup, we can even customize these to match the styles of your other custom templates.

Custom templates are another killer feature of the Workshop, 100% supported in the workflow of the tool. It is by far the most requested service related to Workshop subscriptions. Let us design your templates or send us your mockups.

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Content Migration

Getting your existing media, or a portion of it, into the Workshop, is often the first step for organizations. If you’re dealing with LOTS of media, and your connection speeds aren’t blazing, it can take a long, long time to upload it all. Let us automate the ingestion of your media or ship your media to us and we’ll load it up in no time.

We can batch encode your media, to get your files in the appropriate formats with your desired outputs.

Video is not the only thing we can help with. We can work with you to map and move your existing video database – metadata, caption files, and all – over to the Workshop.

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Custom Encoding Presets

If you’re as picky as we are when it comes to the details of your encoding settings, you’ll be happy to know that we can add custom encoding presets for your organization to the Encode screen in Workshop.

We work with you to set up presets that match your exact requirements while keeping the workflow in the easy-as-pie Encode screens in Workshop.

  • Do you need presets at precise dimensions and bitrates? We’ve got you covered.
  • A preset that crops or rotates your videos? No problem.
  • Outputs to formats that are used outside of Workshop in other applications? Sure!
  • Have an opinion on how bframes and spatial chroma strength are set in your videos? Talk to us and we’ll get you exactly what you need.

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Custom Reports

The possibilities are endless when it comes to slicing, dicing and presenting your usage data. We can craft report that meet your specs, which you can pull up on demand. Custom report formats and outputs are also possible. We can even draw on a wealth of usage and user interaction data to give you brilliant insights into your users.

Matching up users with usage is a powerful option when Workshop is integrated with authentication systems.

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The Workshop includes several security features out of the box – check them out. But there is always more that can be done.

We can setup Workshop to encrypt all your streams, setup SSL certificates, and generate secure keys for publishing. Security features can even be built into your custom templates. We can also add custom encoding presets to watermark your videos.

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Mobile Video

Sure, Workshop handles smartphones and tablets from many angles. If you’re looking to take mobile delivery to the next level, we can set Workshop up so that it handles delivery to 600+ mobile device profiles, with streams optimized for device connection speed.

Our custom templates can be assigned to specific devices (or a set of them), so you can get creative with the user experience on iPads, Android devices, flatscreens and beyond.

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Live Video Presentations

Believe it or not, we can put together Workshop-style video presentations in a live environment using live video streams, live slideshows and even live captions. We archive these presentations into the Workshop.

We can deploy a number of widgets and tools to make your live event easy to use and meaningful for your online audience. Some of the options include – event countdowns, email reminder signups, Twitter chats/feeds, Facebook event integration, user submitted questions, administrative management screens, social sharing tools, polling and more.

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We can prepare and empower your users to leverage the full potential of Workshop. Our personalized training can reflect your customizations and align users with how Workshop fits into your with your workflows and goals.

We can deliver training online and/or in-person, create searchable libraries of screencasts, supporting guides, and tailored how-tos.

Coaches are also available to work with you as you get started, offering best practices, personalized guidance and quick orientation in efficient content creation, publishing and management.

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