Bring all your video and content together in one place for the world to see.

You have it all: video, slides, transcripts, files, links. Now it's time to organize, sync, and showcase it for the viewers you're trying to reach. Frameweld's Workshop will allow you to build comprehensive presentations with all of the above and more.

The National Education Association used the Workshop to deliver their videos to thousands of their members.

Import, Create, and Sync

Our Workshop is designed to make the most of your video. Incorporating and syncing important content around your video makes all the difference.


Your visuals are a vital part of your presentation. Import and sync them so your points aren't lost on your audience.


Outline your video via chapter points to provide structure and easy navigation within your presentation.


Mention an important document in your presentation? Make sure viewers take note and download it at just the right time.


Once you sync your transcript to your video, it all becomes searchable in a meaningful way. Every single word.


Let your users know who is speaking in your videos and time your speakers to let viewers jump directly to the speaker they want see.


Provide links to resources mentioned in your videos or the URLs you want to drive users to.

Screenshots of the Import, Create, and Sync features of Workshop.

And that's not all. Create highlights, add references and even popup notifications. All timed perfectly to your media.

Encode with Ease

Expert encoding presets for multiple connection speeds and devices. None of the complexity. Choose from sets of outputs, explained in plain English, that are right for you.

Videos shown on Apple devices.
Sample of how Search works.

Search Results

Everything you put into the Workshop is completely searchable and organized in a meaningful way. Transcripts, slides, speakers, chapters, files and more.

Customize and Integrate

Style and integrate your video presentations with your existing website. We give you a few lines of code and you paste it where you see fit. The rest is taken care of on our end.

If what you need is a professional touch, Frameweld can work with you to create highly custom themes that fit your brand. Get in touch ›

Customize site with color picker tool.

Wait, That's Not All

You've only seen the tip of the iceberg. See what else our Workshop is capable of or view a live example of how a Workshop presentation works.

Screenshots of a few of our customers' sites.

Find Out What's Possible

We've created some stunning websites for our clients powered by our Workshop. Find out what the Workshop can do for you. Check out our pricing or give us your info below and we'll get in touch!

Other questions or comments? Feel free to email us at or by our contact page ›
Satisfied Customers: IBM, Columbia University, Pennsylvania Department of Education, NEA, ASA, NASDSE